Dr. David Benrimoh

Dr. David Benrimoh is a psychiatry resident at McGill University, a neuroscience researcher, health advocate and, most recently, an innovator and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Aifred Health, an award-winning mental health AI startup and a top team in the global IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. David has published research on leadership and advocacy, neuroscience, and the use of AI in improving mental health treatment and is pursuing graduate studies at University College London. He is a Strauss Clinical Fellow and a member of McGill's Scarlet Key society, and has won a number of research and leadership awards and grants.

AI For Mental Health - Why Interdisciplinary is Needed to Make the Most Of It

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning- these are the buzzwords that are taking science and industry by storm. But what are they, really? Where do they come from, and how can they be used to advance the cause of improving mental health? In this talk, Dr. David Benrimoh will discuss how new AI techniques, such as deep learning, can be applied to traditional and new types datasets in order to impact on patient care and our understanding of mental health. The focus will be on how interdisciplinary is a necessary and important part of working with these new tools.