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How to turn your thesis into a book
May 2018

  • What is a book proposal? What makes it successful? How do you transform your thesis into a book? And how do you navigate the often-confusing world of academic book publishing? In a world where the monograph has become a cornerstone of the academic job market, the process of book publishing remains surprisingly opaque. The goal of this workshop is to help you craft the best possible proposal by going over some key writing strategies: articulating your main contributions, finding the right tone for your audience, and selling your research project.

The Anguish of misinformation
June 2018

  • Invited speakers: Dr. Samuel Veissière, Dr. Olaf Zylicz, Lisa Goldman, Dr. André Gagné
    Panel on how we react to information and others in contexts of socio-political turmoil
    +Workshop on deliberative debate followed by a networking reception

AIPC Conference
June 2018

  • The second Annual Integrative Psychiatry Conference (AIPC), to be held at McGillUniversity (Montreal, Canada) on June 8th, will showcase advancements, and innovations, in the field of psychiatry from across Canada.